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thinksynth was a software MIDI (Musical Instruments Digital Interface) synthesizer I worked on mostly in high school and a bit in college. Its engine used a very modular design and we have written a programming language of sorts for describing sound patches. Its frontend used ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) or JACK for audio I/O and ALSA for MIDI.


tetriword is a tetris-like game that employs blocks with letters instead of various four-block permutations. The project started off as a little hack I was working on back during highschool. It was originally based off of Just Another GTK+ Tetris.


GtkHx is a graphical Hotline client for POSIX-compliant systems. This was my first big project and I learned a lot from working on it. It was originally based on the hx source code. I discontinued work on this in favor of other projects around early 2002.

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