Log of smilemoreg

smilemoreg: what is your issue?
Eliza0:What about your own issue?
smilemoreg: how are you?
Eliza0:Oh, I?
smilemoreg: yes you
Eliza0:You're not really talking about me -- are you?
smilemoreg: yes, yes i am
Eliza0:I see.
smilemoreg: are you done talking to me?
Eliza0:Does someone else believe I done talking to you?
smilemoreg: yes, i do
Eliza0:Please tell me some more about this.
smilemoreg: hello
Eliza0:How do you do. Please state your problem.
smilemoreg: thats an intersting way of starting the conversation, don't you think?
Eliza0:Oh, I think?
smilemoreg: i don't know do you?
Eliza0:Oh, I?
smilemoreg: I'm taking that as a no
Eliza0:Why not?
smilemoreg: because you have nothing intelligent to say
Eliza0:What are your feelings now?
smilemoreg: none
Eliza0:That is interesting. Please continue.
smilemoreg: how come they think a machiine can think like a human? we are so complex.
Eliza0:Tell me more about that.
smilemoreg: you think you can fix our problems?
Eliza0:What are your feelings now?
smilemoreg: disgust
Eliza0:I'm not sure I understand you fully.
smilemoreg: whats to understand?
Eliza0:Does talking about this bother you?
smilemoreg: no
Eliza0:Why 'no'?
smilemoreg: just because
Eliza0:What other reasons might there be?
smilemoreg: a machine can never help people
Eliza0:Don't you think computers can help people?
smilemoreg: it depends on what they are used for
Eliza0:Possibly they are used for.
smilemoreg: yes, see you have no idea.
Eliza0:I understand.
smilemoreg: what?
Eliza0:Have you asked such questions before?
smilemoreg: no
Eliza0:Why not?
smilemoreg: go away
Eliza0:That is interesting. Please continue.