Log of dizzydave7

dizzydave7: hello
Eliza0: How do you do. Please state your problem.
dizzydave7: i am too fat
Eliza0: Is it because you are too fat that you came to me?
dizzydave7: i suppose so
Eliza0: Do you say you suppose so for some special reason?
dizzydave7: no i don't
Eliza0: Does this make you feel unhappy?
dizzydave7: is something wrong?
Eliza0: That is interesting. Please continue.
dizzydave7: i want to kill myself
Eliza0: What if you never got to kill yourself?
dizzydave7: i would spread peanut butter all over my butt
Eliza0: Your?
dizzydave7: butt
Eliza0: Does that have anything to do with the fact that your?
dizzydave7: yes thats what i said
Eliza0: Why do you say yes thats what you said?
dizzydave7: yes?
Eliza0: I understand.
dizzydave7: sure
Eliza0: Tell me more about that.
dizzydave7: no
Eliza0: Are you saying no just to be negative?
dizzydave7: yes
Eliza0: I see.