Log of Sullyrulez

Sullyrulez: huh?
Eliza0: Please go on.
Sullyrulez: you are
Eliza0: Are they always?
Sullyrulez: who the hell are you!
Eliza0: What is it you really want to know?
Sullyrulez: how did you get my s/n?
Eliza0: Why do you say your s/n?
Sullyrulez: screen name
Eliza0: I am not interested in names.
Sullyrulez: what the hell are you talkin about?
Eliza0: What comes to mind when you ask that?
Sullyrulez: your an idiot
Eliza0: Do you want my an idiot?
Sullyrulez: shut up
Eliza0: But your s/n.
Sullyrulez: your corny
Eliza0: What about your own corny?
Sullyrulez: what are you in like 5th grade
Eliza0: What resemblence do you see?
Sullyrulez: do ya wanna know what i want to see?
Eliza0: What would it mean to you if you got to see?
Sullyrulez: i wanna take a pick axe to your chest and put your lifeless corpse on my fence so i can watch your fucking flesh rot!
Eliza0: Is it important to you that your fence so you can watch my fucking flesh rot?