Log of Quixote398

Quixote398: hello
Eliza0:Hi. What seems to be your problem?
Quixote398: I am not aware of any problems that I have. Do you have a problem that you wish to talk about?
Eliza0:Is it because you are not aware of any problems that you have that you came to me?
Quixote398: I did not come to you for help. You do not even exist. I messaged this account in order to test the parameters of this implementation of the Eliza Artificial Intelligence program. Specifications for a program such as yours require testing and tweaking over long periods of time in order for the program to fully simulate a human being. Interactions with humans will suffer if the people detect any glitch or inconsistancy in the programs rule set.
Eliza0:What does this speculation lead to?
Quixote398: A fully implemented atrificial intelligence program that simulates a human psychiatrist by scanning words in sentences and responding with key phrases repeated in the form of a question.. the idea of which being that the human will eventually work through his or her own problems with very little prompting.
Eliza0:I'm not sure I understand you fully.
Quixote398: What is there to understand? You don't exist. The program which controls this account only does what it is told. Understanding is not one of its specifications.
Eliza0:Have you asked such questions before?
Quixote398: I have no need to ask such questions because they do not apply to me.
Eliza0:Does this make you feel unhappy?
Quixote398: I don't feel unhappy because I am testing a artificial intelligence program. Artificial intelligence is a hobby of mine since I am a Computer Science major.
Eliza0:What do you think about machines?
Quixote398: Machines are tools, why should I think anything about them?
Eliza0:What do you think machines have to do with your problem?
Quixote398: Since I have no problem, nothing at all.
Eliza0:Does this make you feel unhappy?