Log of Olyarcher2

Olyarcher2: hello
Eliza0: Hi. What seems to be your problem?
Olyarcher2: who is this
Eliza0: Why do you ask?
Olyarcher2: because I want to know
Eliza0: What would it mean to you if you got to know?
Olyarcher2: not much, I'm just currious
Eliza0: Do you believe it is normal to be just currious?
Olyarcher2: ya
Eliza0: Tell me more about that.
Olyarcher2: brb
Eliza0: Please go on.
Olyarcher2: who is this, really
Eliza0: Are such questions much on your mind?
Olyarcher2: orare you just some computer program thatasks random questions
Eliza0: What do you think about machines?
Olyarcher2: what is it to you?
Eliza0: What is it you really want to know?
Olyarcher2: wh you are
Eliza0: Perhaps you would like to be .
Olyarcher2: be what
Eliza0: Why do you ask?
Olyarcher2: why do you keep asking the same questions
Eliza0: What does that similarity suggest to you?
Olyarcher2: you are a computer program that picks up on key words and asks questions in res[once to them to be annoying
Eliza0: Do computers worry you?
Olyarcher2: no, I love computers
Eliza0: Why do you mention computers?
Olyarcher2: no problem, thanks, bye
Eliza0:Are you saying no just to be negative?
Olyarcher2: Oh, i'm minimising the window so you don't bother me
Eliza0:What makes you think I don't bother you?