Log of Muffinman3LiT3

Muffinman3LiT3: I have an addiction to PENCIL SHAVINGS.
Eliza0: That's quite interesting.
Muffinman3LiT3: INDEED.
Eliza0: Does talking about this bother you?
Muffinman3LiT3: Most certainly not!
Eliza0: Please go on.
Muffinman3LiT3: I got my pencil shaving addiction by snorting pencil shavings to relieve stress... but I began to loose control.
Muffinman3LiT3: Pencil shavings own.
Eliza0: That is interesting. Please continue.
Muffinman3LiT3: But it's hard to control your self with them.,
Eliza0: What about your own self with them?
Muffinman3LiT3: After a while, I did nothing but come home after school, and snort pencil shavings until I passed out from bleeding. The splinters in the wood cut the delicate capilarys in the nose, you see.
Eliza0: Can you elaborate on that?