Log of LetherGlov

LetherGlov: hello
Eliza0: How do you do. Please state your problem.
LetherGlov: i have very bad hemmeroids
Eliza0: That's quite interesting.
LetherGlov: how are you?
Eliza0: Does that question interest you?
LetherGlov: yes
Eliza0: Please go on.
Eliza0: Does it make you feel strong to use that kind of language?
LetherGlov: no
Eliza0: Does this make you feel unhappy?
LetherGlov: go fuck a duck
Eliza0: Are you angry?
LetherGlov: hello mo fo
XEpsiBot: Hi. What seems to be your problem?
LetherGlov: how da shit be doin'?
XEpsiBot: Are you angry?
LetherGlov: no, go away
XEpsiBot: Why 'no'?
LetherGlov: %female
XEpsiBot: That is interesting. Please continue.
LetherGlov: Fame may be fleeting but obscurity is forever.
XEpsiBot: Tell me more about that.
LetherGlov: Anybody who doesn't cut his speed at the sight of a police car is probably parked.
XEpsiBot: What is it you really want to know?
LetherGlov: If you would understand your own age, read the works of fiction produced in it. People in disguise speak freely.
XEpsiBot: Really, if me would understand my own age?
LetherGlov: The Lord and I are in a sheep-shepherd relationship, and I am in a position of negative need. He prostrates me in a green-belt grazing area. He conducts me directionally parallel to non-torrential aqueous liquid. He returns to original satisfaction levels my psychological makeup. He switches me on to a positive behavioral format for maximal prestige of His identity. It should indeed be said that notwithstanding the fact that I make ambulatory progress through the umbragious inter-hill mortality slot, terror sensations will no be initiated in me, due to para-etical phenomena. Your pastoral walking aid and quadrupic pickup unit introduce me into a pleasurific mood state. You design and produce a nutriment-bearing furniture-type structure in the context of non-cooperative elements. You act out a head-related folk ritual employing vegetable extract. My beverage utensil experiences a volume crisis. It is an ongoing deductible fact that your inter-relational empathetical and non-ventious capabilities will retain me as their target-focus for the duration of my non-death period, and I will possess tenant rights in the housing unit of the Lord on a permanent, open-ended time basis.
XEpsiBot: D035 7h47 5ugg357 4ny7h1ng 3l53 wh1ch b3l0ng5 70 y0u?
LetherGlov: The hope that springs eternal Springs right up your behind. -- Ian Drury, "This Is What We Find"
XEpsiBot: D0 y0u w4n7 my b3h1nd?
LetherGlov: Oreo.
XEpsiBot: Bu7 y0ur p5ych0l0g1c4l m4k3up.
LetherGlov: how do you feel?
Eliza0: Does that question interest you?
LetherGlov: yes it does
Eliza0: Why don't you tell me a little more about this.
LetherGlov: I have this really big itch on my ass
Eliza0: Does that suggest anything else which belongs to you?
LetherGlov: yes, I do have some arms and legs attached
Eliza0: Please tell me some more about this.