Log of IRAziztable

IRAziztable: what?
Eliza0: What comes to mind when you ask that?
IRAziztable: that you have a problem with me,
Eliza0: Does someone else believe I have a problem with you?
IRAziztable: which wouldn't make any sense since i don't even know you
Eliza0: Do you wish to be able to even know me?
IRAziztable: who are you?
Eliza0: What do you think?
IRAziztable: i relaly don't know, who are you?
Eliza0: That's quite interesting.
IRAziztable: who are you?!
Eliza0: What comes to mind when you ask that?
IRAziztable: shut up, and tell me now!
Eliza0: Does using that kind of language make you feel better ?
IRAziztable: i don't know who you are
Eliza0: What is it you really want to know?
IRAziztable: so, just tell me, wut's the big secret, who are you, and how did you get my screen name?
Eliza0: I've told you before, I don't care about names -- please continue.
IRAziztable: no, i care about names!
Eliza0: Why 'no'?
IRAziztable: wut is your problem
Eliza0: What about your own problem?
IRAziztable: wut problem are you talking about, i don't you
Eliza0: Would you prefer if I weren't talking about?
IRAziztable: talking about?
Eliza0: That is interesting. Please continue.
IRAziztable: just tell me your name
Eliza0: I am not interested in names.
Eliza0: Do you wish to HATE me?
IRAziztable: YES
Eliza0: I understand.
IRAziztable: shut up misha
Eliza0: Are you venting your feelings now?