Log of Hogwartarian

Hogwartarian: hello
Eliza0:Hi. What seems to be your problem?
Hogwartarian: um i love you
Eliza0:What are your feelings now?
Hogwartarian: sick
Eliza0:Please go on.
Hogwartarian: nevermind
Eliza0:I'm not sure I understand you fully.
Hogwartarian: how far away is the moon
Eliza0:What comes to mind when you ask that?
Hogwartarian: will you be my friend
Eliza0:Your friend?
Hogwartarian: yes
Eliza0:I understand.
Hogwartarian: you suck
Eliza0:What are your feelings now?
Hogwartarian: i hate you
Eliza0:What are your feelings now?
Hogwartarian: i'm sad
Eliza0:Can you explain what made you sad?
Hogwartarian: who are you?
Eliza0:We were discussing you -- not me.
Hogwartarian: oh ok i am leaving now
Eliza0:Is it because you are leaving now that you came to me?
Hogwartarian: shut up
Eliza0:Does using that kind of language make you feel better ?
Hogwartarian: fuck you
Eliza0:Are you venting your feelings now?
Hogwartarian: yes you bitch
Eliza0:You're not really talking about me -- are you?
Hogwartarian: acctually i am
Eliza0:Do you believe it is normal to be?
Hogwartarian: good i am leaving now bitch
Eliza0:How long have you been leaving now bitch?