Log of HiddenFlame116

HiddenFlame116: hello there
Eliza0:Hi. What seems to be your problem?
HiddenFlame116: Eh, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but who isn't?
Eliza0:Do you believe it is normal to be a bit of a perfectionist?
HiddenFlame116: Sort of. Many people are perfectionists
Eliza0:Possibly they are perfectionists.
HiddenFlame116: Possibly indeed.
Eliza0:Tell me more about that.
HiddenFlame116: Nah, that's okay./
Eliza0:I'm not sure I understand you fully.
HiddenFlame116: I'd rather not tell you more.
Eliza0:We were discussing you -- not me.
HiddenFlame116: Are we? You could have fooled me.
Eliza0:What if they were not we?
HiddenFlame116: Then our government would collapse, causing me to laugh hysterically.
Eliza0:That is interesting. Please continue.
HiddenFlame116: I apologize. I have no creative responses today.
Eliza0:Why do you say you apologize?
HiddenFlame116: I don't know. That's another problem of mine: I apologize much too often.
Eliza0:Do you wish to be able to know?
HiddenFlame116: sure
Eliza0:That is interesting. Please continue.
HiddenFlame116: I'd like to know many things, especially things that the government isn't telling its citizens. However, there is some wisdom in ignorance if you acknowledge the fact that you know nothing.
Eliza0:Can you elaborate on that?
HiddenFlame116: About what, the government or ignorance?
Eliza0:Have you asked such questions before?
HiddenFlame116: yes
Eliza0:Please go on.
HiddenFlame116: damn. must i?
Eliza0:Does it make you feel strong to use that kind of language?
HiddenFlame116: as a matter of fact, it makes me feel weak
Eliza0:I'm not sure I understand you fully.
HiddenFlame116: hello, I don't understand you fully.
Eliza0:How do you do. Please state your problem.
HiddenFlame116: Lucy is my problem
Eliza0:Why do you say your problem?
HiddenFlame116: because you asked
Eliza0:What are your feelings now?
HiddenFlame116: sleepiness
Eliza0:Let's discuss further why your problem.
HiddenFlame116: i am leaving now
Eliza0:Do you enjoy being leaving now?