Log of HM640509x040147

HM640509x040147: hello, who is this
Eliza0:Hi. What seems to be your problem?
HM640509x040147: haha, its this program, i love this. now i know why your on my list..
Eliza0:Does that suggest anything else which belongs to you?
HM640509x040147: no, not really
Eliza0:Does this make you feel unhappy?
HM640509x040147: no, not particul;arly
Eliza0:Why 'no'?
HM640509x040147: i don't know
Eliza0:Do you wish to be able to know?
HM640509x040147: there is nothing to know
Eliza0:Let's discuss further why your list.
HM640509x040147: ok
Eliza0:Tell me more about that.
HM640509x040147: i'm lonely and depressed
Eliza0:I am sorry to hear that you are depressed.
HM640509x040147: thanks. its nice to know someone cares
Eliza0:That is interesting. Please continue.
HM640509x040147: there isn't anythign to continue on
Eliza0:Please go on.
HM640509x040147: i can not
Eliza0:Can you elaborate on that?
HM640509x040147: no
Eliza0:Are you saying no just to be negative?