Log of Gentsjamm

Gentsjamm: what do you mean
XEpsiBot: Does that question interest you?
Gentsjamm: what question
XEpsiBot: Have you asked such questions before?
Gentsjamm: what are you talking about..just got on
XEpsiBot: Are such questions much on your mind?
Gentsjamm: whattt
XEpsiBot: Tell me more about that.
Gentsjamm: exactly...you first
XEpsiBot: Oh, I first?
Gentsjamm: yes you first..whats on your mind
XEpsiBot: Why don't you tell me a little more about this.
Gentsjamm: exactly...this
XEpsiBot: Please go on.
Gentsjamm: well you know..
XEpsiBot: What are your feelings now?
Gentsjamm: the same...in fact better
XEpsiBot: What do you suppose that resemblence means?
Gentsjamm: later......i don't get you
XEpsiBot: Do you wish to be able to get me?