Log of ErnieInbath

ErnieInbath: are you Eliza the therapy program?
Eliza0: What are your feelings now?
ErnieInbath: I feel tired I have a big exam tomorrow
Eliza0: Tell me more about such feelings.
ErnieInbath: They suck
Eliza0: Does talking about this bother you?
ErnieInbath: Guess.
Eliza0: Please go on.
ErnieInbath: Why?
Eliza0: Does that question interest you?
ErnieInbath: Why not?
Eliza0: What is it you really want to know?
ErnieInbath: Your three sizes.
Eliza0: Why are you concerned over my three sizes?
ErnieInbath: hello I'm not about to tell you my life story if you aren't some beautiful babe.
Eliza0: What do you know about me aren't some beautiful babe?
ErnieInbath: Wahahahahahaha!!!! Begone, foul demon and shed your human mask!
Eliza0: Are you worried about someone else's human mask?
ErnieInbath: Umm...you aren't being coherent. I think that I'm talking to a computer that does a pretty good job of pretending to be a human.
Eliza0: Why do you mention computers?
ErnieInbath: Because I think I'm talking to one you NUMBSKULL!
Eliza0: What are your feelings now?