Log of CozmeAnthony

CozmeAnthony: who are you
Eliza0:What are your feelings now?
CozmeAnthony: who are you
Eliza0:We were discussing you -- not me.
CozmeAnthony: no now you
Eliza0:You're not really talking about me -- are you?
CozmeAnthony: yes
Eliza0:Please tell me some more about this.
CozmeAnthony: pez hez
Eliza0:Please go on.
CozmeAnthony: i am laughing out loud
Eliza0:Is it because you are laughing out loud that you came to me?
CozmeAnthony: WHO are I PLEEZ
Eliza0:Are such questions much on your mind?
CozmeAnthony: WHOOOOOOO
Eliza0:I'm not sure I understand you fully.
CozmeAnthony: pulley
Eliza0:Please go on.
CozmeAnthony: kk well what is your name
Eliza0:I am not interested in names.
CozmeAnthony: well do you kno me
Eliza0:What makes you think I kno you?
CozmeAnthony: Mickey?
Eliza0:Please go on.
CozmeAnthony: well then if you wanna talk to me you would IM my otha sn
Eliza0:What does this speculation lead to?