Log of BoArDeRgUrL1985

BoArDeRgUrL1985: huh?
Eliza0:Please go on.
BoArDeRgUrL1985: what you mean?
Eliza0:Oh, I mean?
BoArDeRgUrL1985: what are you talking about?
Eliza0:What are your feelings now?
BoArDeRgUrL1985: who is this?
Eliza0:What do you think?
BoArDeRgUrL1985: how am i supposed to know?
Eliza0:Do you wish I would tell you you are supposed to know?
BoArDeRgUrL1985: look, i've got stuff to do so if you dun tell me who you are i'm leaving
Eliza0:Do you think its likely that me dun tell you who me are you are leaving?
BoArDeRgUrL1985: gbai then
Eliza0:That is interesting. Please continue.